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We design, engineer, manufacture and execute fire fighting systems and solutions with the latest technology of all kinds and all needs of industrial spaces. We assess and identify the risks of the industrial space in question and come up with a well-thought fire fighting concept and fully equipped fire fighting solutions (fixed and/or mobile) including detection, monitoring and alarm systems. We utilize all kinds of fire-fighting agents available, namely, water (sprinkler, mist, hydrant), gas (CO2, clean gas, inert gas, LPCO2, HPCO2), traditional foam (low-medium-high expansion) and compressed air foam (CAF). Our systems comply with global industry standards. We provide fire fighting systems across various industries and facilities onshore and offshore for application areas including -but not limited to- transformers, oil and fuel storage tanks, chemical facilities and chemical storage tanks, arsenals, aircraft and helicopter hangars, pumping stations, hydroelectric power stations, generators, shipyards, yacht and boat harbors (marinas), fuel loading and unloading facilities, refineries, boiler burners, pump rooms, warehouses, electrical areas, electric cable galleries, control rooms, warehouses in close enclosure, indoor transformers and generators, inside of turbines and generators and IT rooms.

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