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Industrial fluid transfer systems consist of the full set of components that are needed from one area to another. Components include; process skids, pumps, compressors etc. for effective loading/unloading, injection, processing, isolation of the industrial fluids and gases. We provide fluid transfer systems of clean and wastewater, steam, oil, chemicals, ash, slurry, gypsum for mid-size, heavy-duty and one-off pumping systems, electromechanical components and applications, as well as design and manufacture any kind of skid for industrial facilities. Fluid types and application areas include; fuel, diesel oil, fuel oil, jet oil, oil and all petroleum and derivative fuel, ash sludge, gypsum, demineralized water production, cooling water transfer and turbination, boiler feed water and pump, recirculation water, fuel pumps in refinery plants, jet fuel in military and civil transportation facilities, boiler dosing in thermal power plants, vacuum pump units, agricultural irrigation, acid and chemical, dewatering in mine facilities and fuel treatment units
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