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Oxidizer tanks contain oxygen and nitrous oxide. The pressure tanks push propellant and oxidizer fluids through the system to maintain consistent pressure.


Pressure vessels, those are designed in form of column, separates the gas at upper portion and the liquid at the bottom.

Odorizing Tanks (Odorants)

Gas odorization is the process of injecting an odorant into a gas stream by an odorizer or odorant injection equipment — in order to make the gas smell so that one can detect it.

Reactor Tanks

In a reactor tank, materials/chemicals with specific mole fraction and condition enter the reactor and materials/chemicals with new nature are discharged as product.

Degassing Tanks

The function of a degassing tank is to degas the contaminated seal oil so that all oil exiting the degasser and entering the oil reservoir is within the original oil specification.


A deaerator is a device that is widely used for the removal of air and other dissolved gases from the feedwater to steam generating boilers.

Accumulation Tanks

Accumulation tank is a system that provides storage by heating the water in the tank with heat from various sources such as heat pumps or solar systems.

Steam Separators

A steam separator is a device for separating water droplets from steam because; (1) in all engines, wet steam reduces the thermal efficiency; (2) in piston engines, water can accumulate in the cylinders and cause hydraulic lock which will damage the engine; (3) and in thermal power stations, water droplets in high velocity steam coming from nozzles (or vanes) in a steam turbine can impinge on and erode turbine internals such as turbine blades.

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