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Custody Transfer Solutions

Pipeline metering, loading, unloading, trans-loading of rail cars, tanker trucks, barges, ships & tank farms.

Skid Mounted Loading Systems

Skid mounted loading, unloading and metering systems for oil, gas, petro-chemicals, bio-fuels and other fluids.

Custody Transfer Skids

Pumping solutions with precise measurement of crude oil, alternative energy fluids, natural gas liquids, gaseous products and other fluids with monitoring and adjustment of changes in density.

Fiscal Metering Skids

The transfer of raw and refined petroleum products between tanks, tankers and ships with accurate fiscal metering and fluid handling — together with the control systems and measurement of mass & density flow for calibration.

Custody Measuring Systems

Custody transfer with precise measurement of crude oil, alternative energy fluids, natural gas liquids, and other fluids by means of alternative systems such as filtration options, water content monitoring, density measuring, stream composition analysis, additive injection, blending/mixing, pressure and temperature monitoring, mass measurement, sampling, water & glycol separation, flow and pressure controls, batching controls, proving, air removal/deaeration, grounding, valve options, flame & gas detection and custom controls.

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Units

Custody transfer (ownership transfer) systems of crude oil and main petroleum products from the production facilities to trucks, railcars, pipelines or storage tanks.

Skid Mounted NGL Unloading

Handling and processing of fluid (liquid and gas) with midstream gas processing, NGL extraction and fractionation transfer metering systems.

Fluid Loading Skids

Fluid loading and unloading skids for trucks and railcars for crude oil and all hydrocarbon derivatives.

Truck Unloading Skids

Skid mounted fluid unloading systems for moving & measuring hydrocarbons and other chemical fluids such as LPG, light & heavy crude, LNG, diesel, naphtha & other hydrocarbons, aqua-ammonia, high concentration hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid etc.

Lion Series Fiscal Metering

Custody transfer systems for the most common refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, biodiesel and fuel oil.

Mobile Transloading Systems

Transloading of oil & gas, shale fracking by-products, alternative fuels and chemical fluids generally by either trailer or cart mounted and occasionally truck mounted for ultimate mobility.

Additive and Dye Injection Skids

Additive and dye injection skid mounted solutions for gasoline and diesel fuels which are compound with tanks, valves, filtration, pumps, additive injection blocks, pressure-relief, gauges, fittings, electrical enclosures and wiring. They are usually installed on a structural steel frame galvanized or powder-coat painted.

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