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Compressed air foam (CAF) is produced by mixing of water, foam concentration and compressed air to make a strong fire extinguishing agent. This type of foam is tighter and more intensive than pure water or standard foam/water solutions. Due to its unique bubble structure, the foam adheres to the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the fire and creates a blanketing effect. CAF proved to be 3 to 4 times more effective than traditional foam extinguishing systems and 15 to 30 times more effective than aqueous extinguishing systems. CAF systems have been used in A and B class fire types because of their fast adaptation and compelling implementation.

There is the pneumatic foam generator known as MXCenter, at the center of every CAF system. This generator produces a special non-toxic and biologically resoluble foam from the foam-water solution. Pressurized nitrogen is used to create compressed air foam (CAF) and ensure that the system operates without the need for energy. CAF systems can be engineered with single or multiple Mx CAF generators. CAF generators are designed to feed different types of nozzles. Hazards can be protected by combining multiple CAF generators. CAF generators can be designed as self-contained systems where constant flow water supply is not available/possible on the site.

Application Areas

Transformers, oil and fuel storage tanks, chemical facilities and chemical storage tanks, arsenals, aircraft and helicopter hangars, helipads, pumping stations, hydroelectric power stations, generators, shipyards, yacht and boat harbors (marinas), fuel loading and unloading facilities/terminals, refineries, wind turbines and tunnels.


Fixed Pipe CAF Systems

Fixed pipe CAF systems have two different designs: (1) Systems those don’t require water connection for premixing, (2) and systems requiring constant water supply. Both systems provide area protection with deluge method and equipment protection with the fixed spray method. Both systems are designed in accordance with CAF design manual and they are FM approved.

Self-Contained, Automatic Fixed Pipe Systems

It is recommended for sites where is no fixed water source. This pre-engineered automatic fire extinguishing system uses CAF as the fire extinguishing agent. It does not need water supply to produce CAF.

Fixed Water Supply and Automatic Fixed Pipe System

It can be designed using CAF’s fixed water supply systems when a reliable water supply source is found. In this system, foam proportioner is used to mix the foam concentration and water at the determined 3% or 6% ratio.


CAF rimseal fire extinguishing systems are applied in the protection of internal floating tanks for oil/fuel storage. CAF rimseal is a fully automatic and pressurized foam extinguishing system designed to respond to the fire at the initial stage in case of tank protection. CAF generator is combined with nozzles, specially developed for tanks. Thermal lineer sensing is designed to protect the entire gap of a floating roof tank. When the system is activated, it blows off the CAF automatically into the entire gap and fills the gap in a matter of seconds with high-quality CAF. CAF quickly extinguishes the flame in the evacuated rimseal area and protects the fuel tank against reignition. The ability of the CAF generator to quickly expand and generate the foam proves to be the ideal solution for fire protection of fuel-stored external floating roof tanks.


CAF crossfire is specialized to protect the heavy-duty equipment from fire. It is a hybrid CAF system capable of extinguishing Class A and Class B fires in engine compartments. CAF crossfire has proved to be the only and most effective extinguishing system against a fuel repelling fire indoors and outdoors. CAF and CAF mist spray are discharged from a single agent container and together they provide a high quality foam. A combined CAF and CAF mist spray system ensures the fire to be extinguished quickly. The system is FM tested and approved.

Crossfire is an effective solution for fire risk in many mobile or fixed engine compartments, as well. CAF crossfire is developed as a local implementation fire extinguishing system with two different nozzle types and an extinguishing agent (CAF mist single agent fire extinguishing system) for the engine parts of heavy-duty equipment in the mining industry. Crossfire is also optimal for wind turbines, DG sets, heavy terrain vehicles etc. The system is designed according to FM 5970 standards.


DIFF (Deck Integrated Fire Fighting) is a specialized CAF system for fire protection in the aviation industry. DIFF pop-up nozzles are designed and manufactured to provide compressed air foam extinguishing systems for helipads. DIFF can be used for equipment protection, as well. A DIFF system is typically used at concrete floor, on the helipad platform.

DIFF system nozzles are usually integrated into the floor (typically deck or floor area). When these nozzles are not used, they stay aligned onto the surface. When they start to operate, they open to disperse the foam in 360˚ and evacuate the extinguishing foam into the flame.

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