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Shell & Tube Exchangers

Shell & tube heat exchangers are designed to heat or cool industrial fluids where high heat exchange is required. This type of heat exchanger consists of distributor, sleeve and tube bundle. The tube bundle is designed with conventional u-type tubes or finned tubes to increase the exchange surface and reduce the overall dimensions.

Pipe-Type Exchangers

Pipe-type exchangers are used in processes where the heat area is small and the amount of heat exchange is low — generally used to evaluate the waste generated during the process.


Evaporator is a device in a cooling system where the liquid refrigerant evaporates and takes heat from the environment.


In the oil industry, surface condensers are used for condensation between each of the jet ejector stages. In this system, the cooling water and the process fluid are strictly separated. This prevents contamination of the coolant. Surface capacitors can use shells or tubes for condensation. They can be designed with fixed tube layers or removable tube bundles (flaoting head or u-tube design). In exceptional cases, more flexible and more efficient mixing condensers can also be used if the process steam is allowed to get into direct contact with the cooling water.

Hairpin Type Heat Exchanger

Hairpin type heat exchangers are suitable for applications with high thermal performance and small footprint.

Water Bath Heaters (WBH)

Water bath / indirect heaters are especially designed to heat the gas without the need for high pressure of the heating water. Because the gas flows through a coil immersed in an aqueous solution, such heaters are defined as indirect. This solution is heated by a combustion chamber equipped with a burner. Water bath indirect heaters are supplied as a complete package with electrical or pneumatic type control and safety systems and fuel gas systems.

Pneumatic Coolers

Pneumatic coolers provide highly efficient cooling with a full range of forced and induced air flow in both in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Application areas include process plants and refineries, gas compressors and processes such as condensation, engine cooling and power generation.

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