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We design, engineer and build custom-made compressors, nitrogen generators and dryers for the oil & gas industry both onshore and offshore. Custom design enables us to make the installations within given specifications and operate them flawlessly within the harsh conditions of a plant or offshore facility whether it is a desert, arctic, elevated, earthquake sensitive, salty or sulphurous environment. Air technology systems are all interconnected, cabled, programmed and tested at our production facility and are ready to operate upon arrival at site.


Compressors are vital for energy source processing of natural gases and other gases during storage and transport, more effectively. The extent to which compression is applied depends on its purpose at any given phase of processing, storage and/or transport. Compressors include; reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, booster compressors and centrifugal compressors for given specifications of the project in case.

Nitrogen Generators

We design, engineer and produce customized, reliable, high purity and on-site nitrogen generators. Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen in the form of gas from compressed air needed for the areas of applications such as chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, laboratory regulation, oil & gas industry, steel cutting, laser and plasma cutting, heat treatment, perishable food packaging etc.


Air dryers are designed to eliminate hazardous effects of water vapor and moisture to the industrial applications requiring compressed air. Air drying methods include; desiccant dryers, refrigerated air dryers and membrane air dryers.

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