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Knock Out Drums

Knock out drums are used to separate water and hydrocarbon condensation from the gas stream and can be designed and produced in horizontal and vertical types.

Cyclone Separators

Cyclone separators separate the well fluid into its liquid or gaseous components at oil and gas processing plants and chemical industries and can be designed horizontally and vertically.

Two-Phase Separators

Two-phase separators are used for separating gas and liquid in wet gas stream, or more generally the gas/liquid stream, when the complex liquid phase components are not required to be separated from each other.

Three-Phase Separators

A three-phase separator uses gravity to separate produced well fluid into gas, oil, and water phases and can be designed horizontally and vertically.

Heater Separators

Heater separators are used to separate the gas coming out of the natural gas wells with low reserves in 3 phases. The system works automatically and doesn’t require electricity.

Emulsion Breakers

Emulsion breakers, also known as demulsifiers, are a group of speciality chemicals used to separate emulsions of water-in-oil and oil-in-water. These chemicals are used for effective oil recovery and improve the quality of reusable water.

Sand Separators

Sand separators are used for the separation of sand and coarse particles in water. Thanks to their special designs, the fluid is rotated around the inner structure and sand and particles heavier than water are separated. The separated particles are collected at the bottom.

Fuel Oil Separators

Fuel oil separators are used to separate solid and water particles in fuel oils such as jet fuel, diesel and gasoline. Mechanical separators are used for solid particles and 2-stage separators are used for water separation.

Dust Cyclone Separators

When raw materials, those are in powder and granule phase enter into pneumatic or mechanical processing, dusting occurs in the environment after entering the process. To prevent this, dust traps or in other words cyclones, multicyclones and filters should be there to separate the material from the air again.

Vane Type Separators

Vane type separators are designed to provide highly efficient removal of liquid particles from a gas stream. Vane type separators work with 100% efficiency for liquid particles equal to or larger than 8 microns. The pressure loss that occurs during the purification of these liquid particles floating in the gas is very low.

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