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These are ideal fire fighting systems and solutions -especially for electrical fires- at closed industrial areas.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishing Systems

Carbon dioxide suppresses oxygen, thus reduce the ambient temperature quickly and prevent the ignition.

Clean Gas Extinguishing Systems

These are systems that are applied with gases which are harmless to the atmosphere and mixed at special rates, stored at high pressure and contain proper fittings accordingly.

Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems (LPCO2)

LPCO2 is stored in a single tank at a pressure of approximately 20-22 bar and a temperature of -17 degrees. This method is much more economic than the equivalents for extinction of fire and protection of large industrial spaces. Since LPCO2 can be refilled on site, maintenance of this system is highly sustainable.

Inert Gas Extinguishing Systems

Inert gases (such as argon) are harmless to the atmosphere and can be stored at high pressure.

High Pressure CO2 Extinguishing Systems

CO2 is stored within high pressure tube sets. This method is effective for smaller spaces.

Application Areas

Transformers, oil and fuel storage tanks, chemical facilities and chemical storage tanks, armouries, aircraft and helicopter hangars, pumping stations, hydroelectric facilities, generators, shipyards, yacht and boat harbours (marinas), fueling and unloading facilities and refineries.

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