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We design, produce and implement fire fighting systems for military and defence industries.

For Land Forces;

Crossfire compressed air foam (CAF) systems can be installed to tanks, tactical wheeled armoured vehicles and wheeled type armoured personnel carriers. CAF can also be applied to protect arsenals by means of deluging.

For Air Forces;

Compressed air foam (CAF) systems can be placed on the ground of helipads. Hangars and helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (armoured/unarmed) and planes can be protected by compressed air foam (CAF) systems placed on the ceiling.

For Naval Forces;

FM approved offshore fire fighting systems can be placed on the grounds of frigates, corvettes, marine mine ships, patrol vessels, submarines, landing ships. Engine rooms can be protected by compressed air foam (CAF) and/or low pressure carbon dioxide (LPCO2) systems. Harbours and fuel transfer areas can be protected by fixed pipe CAF systems. Fixed, portable and/or mobile CAF systems can be used to protect military fuel logistics (storage, loading/unloading, oil pipelines, pumping), military manufacturing facilities and warehouses from fire. Electrical areas, control rooms, indoor transformers and generators, inside of tribunes and generators and IT rooms can be protected by gas/LPCO2.

Awarded by US Department of Defense

US Department of Defense has been testing the fire fighting performance of Flourine Free Foams (FFF) to meet MILSPEC standards for 3 years. Compressed Air Foam (CAF) systems was awarded to prove that FFF/CAF can meet the fire performance demands of MILSPEC and so meet the critical requirements for incidents such as aircraft crash fires where efficient and effective fire control is paramount.
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