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CAF Industrial has completed corporate governance processes compatible with national and international ethical values with the Turkey Ethics and Reputation Association (TEID), of which CAF Industrial is a member, and consistently renews itself. CAF Industrial acts within the framework of work ethics with the society; partners, employees, all the institutions which is doing business at the every stage of commercial activities.

CAF Industry adopts and implements “zero tolerance” policies about bribery and corruption based on United Nations Convention on Corruption Convention (UNCAC) and the World Economic Forum Partnership Initiative Against Corruption (PACI) documents.

Respect and confidence are essential at CAF Industrial. A transparent and accountable relationship is established with each business partner and all communication strategies and policies are developed within this framework. The relevant shareholders are also expected to be respectful to the ethical values of CAF Industrial with the understanding of mutual reciprocity.

CAF Industrial sustain its commercial activities in full-compatible with Republic of Turkey (T. C.) and international laws and regulations; while carry out statutory obligations related to every kinds of activities, it keeps at an equal distance and neutral between all institutions and organizations.

CAF Industrial is conscious of sustainable development can only be increasing the level of economic growth and welfare level by protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of the society.

As requirement of reputation management, CAF Industrial acts with a sense of responsibility in (i) harmony at ethical values, (ii) relationships with the shareholders, (iii) and in the requirement of business conduct.

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