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Plant Fire Fighting Systems

We carry a critical mission in engineering and execution of fire fighting systems and solutions with the latest technology to ensure the sustainability and risk management of the industrial plant and/or facility in question. We start with a comprehensive fire risk assessment and identify possible fire risks on the plants. Preventive measures are proactively taken to reduce the possibility of fires at the facilities. Fire extinguishing systems are installed beforehand for immediate and effective response onto the fires caused by electrical systems and/or during the storage, transportation and processing of flammable and explosive materials etc. Fire detection, monitoring and warning systems provide an early warning and enable rapid response and extinguishing of fires. Already-built fixed and/or mobile fire extinguishing systems on the plants ensure extinguishing the fire at the start -locally and effectively- and preventing the the fire spread all over the plant. Plants with such a fire fighting concept can secure the sustainability of the operational facilities, employee safety and prevent/minimize possible damage costs.

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